About Vida Spring

We believe dogs should eat what helps them thrive and not just survive.

Vida Spring is a raw dog food company delivering high quality pre made raw dog food, treats and supplies. Our products are carefully vetted. We take the guesswork out of how to feed raw!

Vida Spring makes raw food affordable and accessible. Our clients order online through our e-store, and we deliver right to your door. Currently, Vida Spring is offering delivery in Spring, The Woodlands and Porter, Texas.

The Benefits Your Dog Deserves

Improved Digestion

  • Smaller less smelly stools & gas due to proper digestion

High Energy Levels

  • Less energy wasted on digestion = more available energy


  • Higher protein & fat content leads to greater lean muscle.

Healthy Skin & Coat

  • Thick glossy coat, reduced inflammation & allergies


Raw dog food is uncooked meat, bone
and organs as dogs are biologically
designed to eat.

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Feeding a species appropriate raw diet
leads to healthier dogs.

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Thaw frozen raw product in fridge, weigh out amount needed, and serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I supplement my dog’s kibble diet with raw?

  • Feed raw for one meal a day and kibble the other
  • Add freeze dried raw with your kibble
    (see Vital Essentials or Ziwi Peak for good options)
  • Add a raw goat milk product with the kibble
    (see Steve’s Real Food Enhance products, The Bones & Co)
  • Offer raw training treats and chews

Can I mix raw food and kibble?

  • Yes! It is a common misunderstanding that they can not be mixed. We advise feeding raw meaty bones separate, but our grinds and shelf-stable raw products are fine.
  • If you are unsure of switching to 100% raw, mixing in is a great way to add some raw nutrition and get yourself used to feeding raw.

How do I transition my dog from kibble to raw?

  • Get your dog used to eating at a set time each day with no free feeding
  • Skip a meal so your dog is hungry. Be sure to have plenty of water available.
  • Make the switch!

Go “cold turkey” and just switch 100% to raw


Do a gradual transition between old food and raw over a few weeks.
Day 1-3: 25% raw with 75% current kibble
Day 4-6: 50% raw with 50% current kibble
Day 7-9: 75% raw with 25% current kibble
Day 10: 100% raw

  • Be patient with yourself and your dog. It is a different way of feeding for both of you. Remember, you are providing a more nutritious and bioavailable meal that has both immediate and long-term benefits. It is worth it!
  • This is a recommended transition plan, but If you are struggling to make the switch, reach out for some help using the inquiry form to the left.

How much raw food should I feed my dog?

  • Typically 2.5% of a dog’s weight, so a 50# adult dog needs about 1.25# daily.
  • Each dog is unique, and this varies based on activity level and age.
    • Puppies and lactating mothers will need a higher percentage.
    • Highly active dogs will need more, and couch potatoes may need less.

What is the delivery fee?

$25.  Delivery fee is waived with a minimum purchase of $150.

Do I need to be home to accept delivery?

  • If you are ordering a frozen raw product, someone needs to be home to accept.
    We want to be sure your product is safe and healthy for your dog.
  • If you are ordering a freeze-dried product we can deliver it without someone home.

What if I work during the day?

  • We offer evening delivery with you in mind!

What if I am outside the delivery area?

Join Vida Spring’s waiting list. When we expand delivery, you will be the first to know.

Is raw meat dangerous?

  • Dogs are carnivores and have short acidic digestive tracts made for digesting raw animal protein and fat. Dogs digestive tracts are different than humans.
  • Just like when you handle raw meat to cook for your family, practice good hygiene. Wash your hands and surfaces that come in contact with raw meat.

Do dogs need carbohydrates?

  • No. Commercial kibbles use them because they are cheap and increase the shelf life of their food. Dog’s short digestive tracts cannot ferment or process it well. Carbs lead to poor oral health and large smelly stools.

What Customers Are Saying

  • “We as a family of 5, that is 2 humans, 2 felines (ages 16 and 1) and 1 canine or should we say Pug (age 6) all feel SO good and grateful for the perfectly beautiful and delicious food we get from Small Batch. We feel really great about taking care of the planet, which give us and sustains our life, through our food choices. Our animals are healthy, bright, grounded, alert, happy and deeply satisfied which we greatly attribute to their food. There is a profound natural medicine for health in smallbatch’s products and we thank you SO much for the work you do here on the planet for all of us.”

    Small Batch Customer


    Jack, Rod, Gravey, Jamali, and Roscoe
  • “My German Shepherd Rex, and I decided to try out VE. Rex is a very picky dog, and he fell in love with the brand. His favorite treats from VE are: Chicken Breasts, Tendons, Turkey Necks, Beef Nibs, etc. As a pet Blogger, I always look for small business brands that care about dogs as much as I do. As well as our followers knowing how great of a brand VE is. We are so satisfied with VE, we have loved working together and making a difference in pets lives. Introducing raw food, or Freeze-Dried is always a challenge at first. VE has made it easier for us, and Rex is healthier than ever!”

    Vital Essentials Customer 

    Maria & Rex
  • “We have two retired greyhounds both age are 9 years old. Our male was very ill for two years with stomach upsets, etc. We thought we were going to lose him. So , I got on the Internet and found you. He recouped in one month after eating the frozen nuggets. Our vet was amazed by the results.
    We then started our female on it, she had terrible food allergies. Within two weeks we notice no more scratching, tummy rumbles and no more red eye. We threw out the kibble and only use your product mixed with veggies and oatmeal. They love it! Thank you.”

    Steves Real Food Customer 

    Laurel N.