Vida Spring | Coupler

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You have two dogs who both want to go for a walk, so what do you do? Couple them!
If you have ever walked two dogs at once with two leashes, then you know how quickly you can get tangled up. This coupler is the best we have ever used! It is just the right length to give dogs a bit of separation without letting them get tangled up. We use this with a traffic lead when going to and from the car with two dogs. You can also you this coupler straight with the traffic lead as a single leash for when you only have one dog. If you already have a leash you love, just attach it to the center ring and you are ready to go.
Available in all the same colors as our famous "Miranda" Multi-Purpose Leash and Traffic Lead
5/8" width coupler (best for larger dogs) = 24" long
1/4" width coupler (best for smaller dogs) = 12" long
Having a coupler on hand even if you only have one dog is a smart investment. When someone visits with a dog or you are pet sitting a friend's dog you will be prepared!


We will email you after you place an order to determine your color choice.