Small Batch | Chub - Chicken + Veggie

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Available in 2# chubs

95% chicken- 5% vegetables

Ingredients: skinless chicken necks, chicken, chicken backs, chicken gizzards, chicken livers, chicken hearts, organic carrots, organic yams, organic squash, organic broccoli, organic kale  

Small Batch Pets crafts two main lines of food: Batches and Blends.

The batches are complete meals of ground meat, bone, organs, produce, and whole food supplements. These are available in 8 oz OR 1 oz size patties.

The blends are for those who want complete control over what is in their dog’s food. These come in two formats: 100% ground meat, bone & organs OR one with 5% produce. Blends are available in 2# chubs and limited 5# chubs.

You have options to make anything from their line work with how you choose to feed your dogs!

Small Batch Pets is a family owned raw pet food company based out of the Pacific Northwest using humanely raised, free-range and whole food ingredients. They never sterilize, pasteurize, or add synthetic vitamin packs to their products. Their produce is organic, and the meat is as well whenever possible.