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Available as 2 oz sliders OR 14 oz tub
IngredientsDuck, duck liver, duck gizzard, duck heart, goat’s milk, water, herring oil, d-alpha tocopherol (a natural source of Vitamin E)
Calorie Content: 46 kcal/oz
Vital Essentials frozen raw cat food is a prey model raw product with only meat, bone and organs. Frozen sliders are conveniently precut and weighed to 2 oz, and are available in a 28 oz bag.  The 14 oz tub is perfect for multicat families and those who like to have their raw pre-thawed; just scoop and serve.  VE raw cat food is appropriate for all life stages.

Vital Essentials is a family owned company located in Greenbay, WI and has been pioneering raw dog food since 1968. They source only USA protein. VE makes and packages all of their products in USDA certified and inspected facilities. They produce high quality frozen and freeze-dried raw food, treats and chews.