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Why do I have to register before placing an order?

Since we have multiple locations, we manually assign a location to each client's profile after you register so you see only products available to you at the correct prices.

We have products available to our local clients that vary from what we can offer our non local clients.

It also protects us from people placing orders of products we can't ship like frozen food.

How does delivery work?

Local clients place orders online, and we contact you to coordinate delivery. For orders under $250, there is a small delivery fee. Orders over $250 are delivered free.

Non-local clients place orders online of products we are able to ship, and there is a fee based on it being either a small or large order.

Everyone likes free shipping or delivery, but it really isn't free. We don't like to play games by raising our product prices to pay for it, so we keep it all out in the open for you. We charge a flat rate, and it is often less than what it actually costs us.

How do I transition my pet to raw?
  1. Get your dog used to eating at a set time each day with no free feeding
  2. Consider skipping a meal so your pet is hungry. Have plenty of water available. This is not advised for kittens or puppies.
  3. Make the switch!

Go “cold turkey” and just switch 100% to raw


Do a gradual transition between old food and raw over a few weeks.

Suggested Timetable:
Day 1-3: 25% raw 75% current kibble
Day 4-6: 50% raw 50% current kibble
Day 7-9: 75% raw 25% current kibble
Day 10: 100% raw

Be patient with yourself and your pet. It is a different way of feeding for both of you. Remember, you are providing a more nutritious and bioavailable meal that has both immediate and long-term benefits. It is worth it!

This is a recommended transition plan, but If you are struggling to make the switch, contact us to help. Cats can be especially challenging. Don't get discouraged. It may take longer than this gradual transition plan.

Can I supplement a kibble diet to make it healthier?

YES! Here are a few suggestions.

  • Try feeding raw just once or twice a week.
  • Feed raw for one meal a day
  • Add freeze-dried raw with your kibble (or Ziwi, an air dried food)
  • Add a goat milk or kefir over the kibble
  • Offer freeze-dried raw training treats and chews
Why should I worry about the toys I offer my pet?

Toys should last.

Many toys sold for dogs specifically are meant to be quickly destroyed so you buy more. We are pet parents first, and we don't like that. We source high quality durable toys that are designed to last. No toy is indestructible, but we try to offer the closest thing.

Toys should be safe!

Toxic substances are included in some cheaper pet toys. You can pay $5 for a toy that lasts 5 minutes, or $15-20 for a nontoxic toy that lasts a long time.

A word on Tennis balls.

They are not meant for dogs. They have toxic glues not meant for dogs. They have abrasive fabric that wears down their teeth. They never last long before a dog breaks it, or a lawn mower finds it. Invest in a couple quality balls or retrieving toys if your dog loves that game. We have balls made for dogs in our homes that are older than ten years!