Breeder Puppy Packs
Jul 2020

Responsible breeders spend so much time carefully planning a litter, preparing for the welp, and devoting the necessary time and resources to raise the puppies. Vida Spring Raw has recently partner...

Answers Raw Food & Fermentation
Nov 2019

Answers inoculates every one of their foods with good bacteria and allow them to thrive.  Good bacteria fill up the food, and also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Fermentation is the most natural and effective way for us to make our products as safe and healthy as possible.

Pet-Safe Weed Killer
Jul 2019

It is weed season all over the country.  Do you spend hours on your knees pulling out all the weeds, or do you reach for a sprayer and knock them dead with chemicals? Our dogs and cats have only us to protect them!  In my household, I would need a good alternative to convince my husband to ditch the chemical weed killer.  I found one.

Where do I start?
Jul 2017

You want to start feeding your dog raw, but have no clue where to start.  This post is for you!  Making the leap can seem like a daunting task.  What supplies do I need?  What product should I buy? How much should I feed?  Do I need to supplement? You can quickly feel overwhelmed and give up. Your dog deserves to be fed in a way that sets them up to be as healthy as possible, so don't give up. Keep it simple in the beginning.

Our Company Beginning
Jun 2017

At the heart of my small business is a passion. I want to help dog owners not feel overwhelmed, intimidated or judged for how they are feeding their dogs. I want dog owners to feel empowered and educated with options for how to maximize their dog’s health that works best for their family.

I don’t want to just sell raw dog food.  I want to create a movement of change in the way our community feeds our dogs. I want to see dogs restored to health. Join me.  Your dog will thank you.

Eating Fish Heads - Our Raw Beginning
May 2017

I knew too many people who had lost dogs at a young age to various cancers and diseases, and wanted to know what were the connections. Were there better more natural choices to support a healthier longer life for my dogs?

When considering another dog, I decided on a number of changes including vaccination protocols, household cleaners, and lawn chemicals. I also closely considered diet.

If you have never considered feeding your dog a raw diet, I challenge you to try it. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea, know that I did, too. Take the first step, and don’t let misinformation or fear decide for you.