Green Juju | Duck Orange

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 Whole food bites for dogs & cats!
Duck Orange Freeze-Dried Whole Food Bites. We've added to our collection of plant-powered, protein-packed treats and trainers. They're made with a blend of vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables and infused with free-range duck for a full range of health-promoting benefits.
High quality freeze range duck infused with vibrantly orange colored fruits and vegetables like golden beets and butternut squash loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to create irresistible freeze-dried whole food bites. Feed them as high-value training treats or crumble over a meal for a nutrient-packed topper. Choose between Beef Red, Bison Green, Salmon Blue and the new Duck Orange — or rotate all three and feed the rainbow!
Available 7.5 oz OR 3.0 oz