Small Batch | FD Beef

Bag Size:25 oz
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88% beef, 10% produce, 2% supplements

Ingredients: beef hearts, beef livers, beef kidneys, beef bone, organic yams, organic carrots, organic squash, organic broccoli, salmon oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kale, organic collards,  organic kelp, organic parsley, organic bee pollen, organic wheat grass, organic bilberry, organic garlic, organic rosemary, organic basil, vitamin E supplement

46 kcal/slider

To rehydrate, simply mix ½ cup of warm water for every 4 sliders.  
Crush sliders and allow mixture to rehydrate for a few minutes then serve.

5 lbs:       2 Sliders per day
10 lbs:     4 Sliders per day
15 lbs:     6 Sliders  per day
20 lbs:    8 Sliders  per day
40 lbs:   16 Sliders per day
60 lbs:   24 Sliders per day
80 lbs:   32 Sliders per day
100 lbs: 40 Sliders per day

For nursing or pregnant dogs and puppies, quantities per day can be doubled.  Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian especially when it comes to mommas-to-be or nursing dogs. These are only guidelines and may need to be adjusted depending on your individual dog’s needs.

1 oz freeze-dried raw sliders in a 14 or 25 oz bag

48 sliders in a 14 oz bag
great for feeding while traveling
treat toy stuffing

Small Batch Pets crafts two main lines of food: Batches and Blends.

The batches are complete meals of ground meat, bone, organs, produce, and whole food supplements. These are available in 8 oz OR 1 oz size patties.

The blends are for those who want complete control over what is in their dog’s food. These come in two formats: 100% ground meat, bone & organs OR one with 5% produce. Blends are available in 2 pound chubs and limited 5 pound chubs. 

You have options to make anything from their line work with how you choose to feed your dogs!

Small Batch Pets is a family owned raw pet food company based out of the Pacific Northwest using humanely raised, free-range and whole food ingredients. They never sterilize, pasteurize, or add synthetic vitamin packs to their products. Their produce is organic, and the meat is as well whenever possible.

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