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95% chicken
Ingredients: certified humanely raised chicken including bone, chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, chicken livers, organic winter squash, organic spinach, organic coconut oil, salmon oil, organic turmeric, organic sesame seed powder, organic purple probiotic (fermented purple cabbage & sunchokes) 

Small Batch freeze-dried raw bites are a great way to add raw nutrition to your pet's diet. They can be added on top of a raw or kibble diet as a topper, or they are amazing training treats. You choose! Price per oz, they are the best value for training treats we offer. Each protein is carefully paired with a functional food and fermented vegetables for probiotic benefits.
Turkey - Cranberry (urinary health)
Duck - Mushrooms (immune support)
Beef - Papaya (aid digestion)
Chicken - Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)

Small Batch Pets is a family owned raw pet food company based out of the Pacific Northwest using humanely raised, free-range and whole food ingredients. They never sterilize, pasteurize, or add synthetic vitamin packs to their products. Their produce is organic, and the meat is as well whenever possible. Small Batch Pets works with the Global Animal Partnership, so you can be sure the protein sources you feed your dog have been raised as humanely as possible.

Humanely raised protein = higher quality protein.