West Paw | Funnl

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West Paw® and Earth Animal® teamed up to design the dynamic chew duo for dogs—an enrichment toy that holds a No Hide chew and takes its gnawsomeness to a wholesome new level. From teething adolescents to seniors with mobility issues you can use this chew duo to solve daily dog dilemas. The Funnl also has interior rims to hold onto other treats and chews. Together, they create dopamine-boosting stimulation that dogs crave, need, and love.  We do our best to accommodate color requests.

3.5" x 4" x 3.4"
Available in Blue, Green and Red

West Paw's "sea flex" material is a blend of 12% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 88% zogoflex.  It is 100% recyclable, so after your dog is finished playing with it, you can bring it back to us and we will send it back to West Paw to be made into new toys.  Join the Loop! 

Funnl is recyclable, latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of), and Guaranteed to Last. All West Paw toys are designed and made in Bozeman, MT USA.  Earth Animal No-Hide chews are mixed, rolled and baked with 6 simple ingredients and 1 sustainable sourced protein in Lancaster County, PA USA.

West Paw guarantees EVERY pet product they make in Montana (that’s all of them). If you aren’t happy with the performance of your purchase, they will provide a one time replacement or refund your purchase. Remember to choose appropriate toys for your dog and to always be safe..  

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